Rates and Services

Mrs. Jackie's Tax Service prepares your tax return with the information you provide us and the questions you ask.
Mrs. Jackie's Tax Service is dedicated to earn your complete satisfaction. We beat all competitors prices.  We offer triple protection because we do your taxes right the first time.  You will not have to worry about being audit by the IRS.

Mrs. Jackie's Tax Service will explain all of your product options:
  • IRS Electronic filing with paid preparation
  • IRS Direct with paid preparation
  • Bank Approved Refund Loans
  • Triple Protection
  • Referral Program
Mrs. Jackie's Tax Service has no hidden fees associated with your tax preparation.  Our fees are not based on the amount of your refund.  We have lower fees than our competitors. 

                                                                                                    Welcome To Our Family. 

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You Can Bring
  • Wage statements(W-2s)
  • Interest and Dividend Income(1099INT/1099DIV/1099B)
  • Alimony Received or Paid (SSN)
  • Self-employment income and expenses (1099 MISC/Records)
  • Commission received or paid (Records)
  • Capital Gains or Losses (Records)
  • IRA contribution or distribution(1099R)
  • Pensions and Annunity(1099R)
  • Farm Income or Losses (Records)
  • Unemployment compensation or repayment (1099G)
  • Social Security Benefits (1099SSA)
  • Rental Income and Expenses (Records) 
  • Any Income You Have Received (Records)
  • Student Loan Interest or Educational Expenses (Records)
  • Lottery or gambling winnings and losses (W2G)
  • Cancellation of Debt (1099C)
  • Medical and Dental Expenses (Records)
  • Real Estate/ Personal Property/Other Taxes Paid (Records)
  • Charitable Donation/Cash and Non Cash (Records)
  • Mortgage Interest/Points (1098)
  • Purchase of Home or Sale (Records)
  • Any Additional Information You May Have  

"I used to pay a lot for my taxes. I do not pay nearly as much with Mrs. Jackie's Tax Service for my tax preparation."
Mr. Shannon, Tax Client (15 Years)

"Mrs. Jackie's Tax Service's number is available for questions all the time."
E.A., Tax Client (16 Years)

"I will not go any where else to have my tax prepared." 
Mrs. White, Tax Client (17 Years)